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With a turn of season and many of us turning their attention inwards, I am focusing my attention – back to Studio Photography.

With great success earlier this spring : I am looking to OFFER MY PROMOTIONAL STUDIO DAYS, again.

Once a month I will open the doors to the studio and help you

to get one step closer to communicating your vision and mission.

And to help me to show you what I can do, as your Photographer.



Establishing the right content for your ambitions will be carefully considered prior to the shoot.

I will set up scene at the studio: SIMULACRA STUDIO IN BRIXTON and we can produce

your right marketing image or the headshot that you need,

in order to push your online marketing efforts and communications forward.


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Please get in touch with me

on Twitter  or @exposed4real   FACE BOOK , or the Contact box above.

I’m here to discuss your ideas , happy to work with your budgets and requirements.

Keen to see you promoting your business or career

with some fresh PICTURES WITH PURPOSE.

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Looking forward to hearing from you .

Love & Light



Recent assignments saw me working alongside the theatre company @Eclipsetheatre


and their current PROJECT #revolutionmix

Which saw me producing Head shots of around 15 people in under an hour.

This worked really well; once we found a cosy spot, suiting the sitters and Camera settings : we where on a role.

These arrangements work really well to capture all your participants,colleagues contributors or all other occasions where you have some important people in a room – with still enough time and skill spend on getting the essence of each person.

Contact me for affordable quotes ,

pictures that last forever,

and profiles and websites updated with some friendly face and new pics.

Your snaphappy Photographer, looking for more work.


ON LOCATION #Headshots


I often wondered if the studio is the best place for a headshot session and I feel it has got its advantages,

…but there is something to be said about Locations Headshots. It adds a little texture and flavor to the background, hard to achieve in the studio, and quite often it gets a relaxed causal approach in the sitter.


Equipped with my new set of prime lenses and a keen I eye … this is an exciting field to explore.

Please get in touch if you would like to be part of my forever growing learning curve and portfolio, Excited every time how different people are and that there is always room for more … I’d like to meet and picture more of you guys!?!? 🙂


If you have a particular mood or Profile picture that you need to realize … Don’t be shy to ask, no idea or request too crazy.

Would love to hear from you!!

SUNNY SUMMER LOCATIONS #free #photoshoot #offer

GUASTALLA Promo 4Recent #location #Portraiture has reminded me, of how much ‘Character’ there is in the picture; how much atmosphere  and how quickly this can be found, when shooting on location.

A Location suitable (or in this case actual working environment ) for the sitter.

GUASTALLA Promo 3I had the pleasure of picturing these musician and it was very exiting to not only hear their music but to be in this very grand location in a Church in central London. It really made me think and wish: to have more opportunities to pursuit the Magic of capturing ‘Character Portraiture’ on location.

So please get in touch with me and we can arrange for a location shoot; so I can continue snapping what I like best and you get in return a couple of pics to use. Especially outdoor or sunlit locations are of particular interest to me.

Looking forward hearing about your ideas and to add more pictures to my portfolio.

Love & Light,



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Recent Clients have highlighted for me again, how important a good and suitable headshot is, in order to push your online presence forward, portrait the right business images, or even discover an image throughout session, you may not have been aware off…messaging out all that you are about!

Lanre 4

A little change of lip colour (I have Make Up Artist working with me on these studio days),

different top, shrug of the shoulder and here we go discovering the new, in line with your current ambitions.

Lanre 6


I am arranging for another day in the studio on the 4th of March. So if you are interested in getting an essential headshot for what ever your purpose, please get in touch with me:

…and we get the picture done , whatever your budget!

Like a good negotiation as things are flexible, but your online presentation is a must.

Looking forward hearing from you.

Love & Light xxD.

KEEPING IT ‘fresh’

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After last weeks session and discussions wit my cleints & affiliates ,

it became all to clear that new images even for established actors & supporting artist;

a new headshot keeps things fresh and moving forward.

As much as I need to keep my skills fresh and updated!

…still learning myself with each person I meet.

Hopefully this will be with you soon. Any feedback welcome, soI  keep learning helping you to achieve your goals.

Stay tuned for my monthly promotional studio days

and unbeatable offers to keep us all in the game – my preferred win/win situations.

Promotional Studio Day 16/10/14

Anthony PROMO 3


The day is booked at the Studio (details bottom right)

FOR THE  16th of October.

 Enquiries and bookings are coming in for

#headshots #character #portraits #profile #pics #portfolio work #actors #SA

THIS MONTHS MOOD, for the set-up:

period drama, film noir, theatrical and moody

Get in touch and we see what we can arrange for you at Bargain Prices,

suiting your budget and needs.

At the moment, Lunch time and limited afternoon slots are still available!

MUA & assistance provided.

Let’s #makeithappen .




When working in the studio (High End Studio SIMULACRA, in Brixton) … it always strikes me how endless the opportunities are to produce anything that you like!

(…throw in some color, use a wind or smoke machine, endless choices of lights & equipment…)

And for  my Clients; it seems to be a place to relax and shine; undisturbed – with this special time set aside;

to be who ever they are, expressing all that they are… and want to be.

I strive to create colorful images as individual as my sitters are, suiting & reflecting their mood and feel, when meeting them face to face.


Character Portraiture


Rachelle 5


Recent shoots have shown again; that it is the best way to get a true likeness with a sprinkle of character, and flavored with comfort and relaxation …

ready to be pictured, at their best… letting the sitter do, what the are most drawn to, what they like doing

and capturing them just in between … what they were doing.


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