KEEPING IT ‘fresh’

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After last weeks session and discussions wit my cleints & affiliates ,

it became all to clear that new images even for established actors & supporting artist;

a new headshot keeps things fresh and moving forward.

As much as I need to keep my skills fresh and updated!

…still learning myself with each person I meet.

Hopefully this will be with you soon. Any feedback welcome, soI  keep learning helping you to achieve your goals.

Stay tuned for my monthly promotional studio days

and unbeatable offers to keep us all in the game – my preferred win/win situations.

PACKAGE OFFER : webdesign & Content


2014 is coming to an end , but many wrap things up, (not only the christmmas presents)

…with a keen eye to what is to come in the New Year.

Therefor , I would like to introduce one of my affiliates Kim, a talented webdesigner.

As we are joining forces, we have come up with a Package that will help you to progress.

#actor #performer #model #healthprofessional #entrepreneur …

This is what could help you to make a difference and create Impact in your business ambitions,

catapulting you onto a new path in the new year.


Living life by #design , springs to mind.

Please email :


With any further questions or queries you may have.

Into the NEW YEAR … wishing you all the very best. xxD

NEXT STUDIO DAY 08-01-2015: #mood #style #bookings




for Thursday the 8th of JANUARY 2015.

Please contact me for your Consultation on offers or conceptions for

#promotional Photography ,

ideas for your next #portfolio set of #images:

#Headshots #Character #Portraits

Here to create any #Photo you have in mind ,

in line with your requirements and budget,

in order to support your online Profile and representations.

#branding #marketing #promotions.

I currently have 2 out 4 slots available, for an an afternoon session.

RING: 0756 1331 394 for your #booking.

Promotional Studio Day 16/10/14

Anthony PROMO 3


The day is booked at the Studio (details bottom right)

FOR THE  16th of October.

 Enquiries and bookings are coming in for

#headshots #character #portraits #profile #pics #portfolio work #actors #SA

THIS MONTHS MOOD, for the set-up:

period drama, film noir, theatrical and moody

Get in touch and we see what we can arrange for you at Bargain Prices,

suiting your budget and needs.

At the moment, Lunch time and limited afternoon slots are still available!

MUA & assistance provided.

Let’s #makeithappen .


art photography-promo


New Season, New moods , new ambitions… I am looking to arrange for my next Studio day in October

(loosely circling Thursday the 16th)

And I have already some people interested, but I am looking for more to model some Characters, in need of some Portraits, Portfolio images to drive us through the last part of the year.

So … get in touch and let’s #create & #produce.

This could be an interesting one, as I am working with talented Make-up artists (special effects?(, and costumers…

…any ideas you would like to #visualize and #realize !?



Jenni Hallam promo

Do you need a #headshot #profile #portrait; a new addition to your portfolio for your next casting?

A pic to polish of your Profile?  Here is an opportunity to tick that off your list and get it done, at an unbeatable offer.

I offer you an hour session incl 3 pics for £ 50!!

Let that be my last SUMMER OFFER … please get in touch and we make you shine!

Should you wonder what else I am up to when I am not in the studio,

have a look here:

SUMMER OFFER : FREE Location Shoot

Kev 3-bw


With the summer at its best, I would like to produce more images on location, for my Portfolio (new website going live in autumn this year)… With my portable Kit I can meet you anywhere, or you can come and visit me by the Studio, in Brixton. Your shoot is absolutely FREE , including 2 pics.



Acting Out … #Character Portraits

KM - 1


This Background Artist realized that benefits of creating #CharacterPortraits , as this indeed helps the Agencies to put their clients forward, to the Casting Managers and Production Team, highlighting a particular Character Streak that would makes this person suiting a certain role …naturally, with ease , great passion…

His growing #Portfolio got him into many exciting castings and big Agencies, resulting in  work (and double bookings ) on a weekly basis.

What Character would you like to play!?


as I am shooting some work for my #Portfolio at low/no cost to you.


VG 1


At times of re-registering, changes in your looks, establishing a way forward in your acting ,background artist, performers … career,

do you need some updates and new selections for your portfolios …!?

Now is the time, as Agencies are getting ready and preparing their cast to present and get booked for the next shooting season.

I am here and #shootingready with  unbeatable offer, meeting your budget and requirements.

Studio Promotional day 22/07/14 …

the morning is booked up, but two slots are still available after 12noon.

Get in touch and we make it happen.


NEXT promotional STUDIO DAY 22/07/14

Jenni Hallam7


to further your online presence,

 PROFILE PICTURE for your website,

or to add to your PORTFOLIO, with your Casting Agency…

or anything else; that you need to have captured and recorded in a High End Photographic Studio.

Contact me for promotional Prices that I offer , suiting your needs, budget and requirements.

Looking forward hearing from YOU.