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Recent Session  of #profile #pics #portraits

have clarified potential & purpose of pictures,

Helping you to move forward,

stir it up, or just leave some Impact of sorts,

– in your online presence ,

profiling and most of all ‘personal – branding’.

Sessions include Moodboards, options of Make up and Styling,

Get in touch to create you next new Memory-

for everyone else to see and share!

Promotional Studio Day 16/10/14

Anthony PROMO 3


The day is booked at the Studio (details bottom right)

FOR THE  16th of October.

 Enquiries and bookings are coming in for

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THIS MONTHS MOOD, for the set-up:

period drama, film noir, theatrical and moody

Get in touch and we see what we can arrange for you at Bargain Prices,

suiting your budget and needs.

At the moment, Lunch time and limited afternoon slots are still available!

MUA & assistance provided.

Let’s #makeithappen .




When working in the studio (High End Studio SIMULACRA, in Brixton) … it always strikes me how endless the opportunities are to produce anything that you like!

(…throw in some color, use a wind or smoke machine, endless choices of lights & equipment…)

And for  my Clients; it seems to be a place to relax and shine; undisturbed – with this special time set aside;

to be who ever they are, expressing all that they are… and want to be.

I strive to create colorful images as individual as my sitters are, suiting & reflecting their mood and feel, when meeting them face to face.


Character Portraits

Kevin M. April 28/04/2014

Kevin M. April 28/04/2014

This weeks Character Portrait Session reminded me,why I chose this to be my Vocation; helping people to express: their natural Self and Potential.

Capturing in an image, all that is to say about a person, telling a story. I am really keen to produce more work in this field and offer to all those creatives, that need support to advance their careers;

Promotional Portraits , a Character Portrait – tailor-made to it’s Purpose.

The film industry (especially the independent type) depending on the Agency you are with; … might want to see a slightly different Portraits, in order to have images, the onlooker can get to know about the real person.

The casting and production Team might want to see if someone would suit a role naturally and what it could be like to work with this person. Rather than just a commercial plain Headshot.

So, to all those actors, extras. aspiring models, performers, artists … etc ,get in touch and make use of my:


Introduction Offer


 £ 50 for a 90 min session

and 6-12 images.



Studio Headshot

Really pleased to see that enquiries are coming in for my first promotional Event; so please do not hesitate to contact me to get your picture done…

It may not just be a HEADSHOT you want or need; it may be more of a styled Character Portrait (booking for this month eg: Betty Boop styled Character Portrait, Yoga teacher Promotional Portrait, Personal Portrait of Musicians etc…) Or anything else that could express all that you are and want to say about you, your business, your talents your skills, your potential…

The first week of each month I am offering a promotional day at the Studio at unbeatable offers !

Let’s get talking and create the Photograph you need & want.

Looking forward to be working with you.




If there isn’t a story to tell than there is an emotion to express. In my studio work I am also keen to capture not just the physical shape and form but a certain mood, character , emotion , sentiment , expression to capture and make the onlooker halt , look absorb … communicate.

More images for this set:


Are you an actor, Model , performer, extra , background artist, musician … ?

Let me help you to communicate your potential and get in touch for your free Consultation.