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With a turn of season and many of us turning their attention inwards, I am focusing my attention – back to Studio Photography.

With great success earlier this spring : I am looking to OFFER MY PROMOTIONAL STUDIO DAYS, again.

Once a month I will open the doors to the studio and help you

to get one step closer to communicating your vision and mission.

And to help me to show you what I can do, as your Photographer.



Establishing the right content for your ambitions will be carefully considered prior to the shoot.

I will set up scene at the studio: SIMULACRA STUDIO IN BRIXTON and we can produce

your right marketing image or the headshot that you need,

in order to push your online marketing efforts and communications forward.


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Please get in touch with me

on Twitter  or @exposed4real   FACE BOOK , or the Contact box above.

I’m here to discuss your ideas , happy to work with your budgets and requirements.

Keen to see you promoting your business or career

with some fresh PICTURES WITH PURPOSE.

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Looking forward to hearing from you .

Love & Light

SUMMER #location #portfolio SHOOT #character portraiture #actor #film


With the summer drawing to an end, I am reflecting once more on #Location #Photography, before I will retreat to the studio again – for my Photography session. Having had the pleasure to mingle with many Supporting Artists and Actors this summer on various Film and TV filmsets my insight and curiosity about this field of Photography has grown.


Discussing with Actors the difference between an ordinary headshot and its limitations, I have also set out to create the exact image (including carefully resourced props and location) as conceived by my clients, in order to create a new portfolio image, communicating characteristics about the sitter, perhaps not that often seen.


We have a month left or less to create some more images on location, so please get in touch with your ideas and proposals and we get creating … just the photo you need and want. A photo that may support your marketing and branding ambitions.

Looking forward hearing from you.

Character Portraiture


Rachelle 5


Recent shoots have shown again; that it is the best way to get a true likeness with a sprinkle of character, and flavored with comfort and relaxation …

ready to be pictured, at their best… letting the sitter do, what the are most drawn to, what they like doing

and capturing them just in between … what they were doing.


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Last weeks Studio Headshot Session at SIMULACRA Studio, went well…

Highlighting the versatility of a person and capturing the right angle is an art, with the support of a good MUA (Make-up Artist), all very possible , even for those that don’t like to be in front of the camera… and certainly a passion of mine.

If you would like to have the experience and need a Portrait or Profile Pics…get in touch next affordable session; second week in July.

If something a little more quirky and unusual, rather than a straight-on HEADSHOT, get in touch for your on location Character Portrait …

Looking forward hearing from you.

CLICK HERE: for other examples of my work





Recent Sessions for People in the TV& Film Industry, have highlighted the importance of having Photographs available;

in order to apply yourself to the Industry; to get seen

… for possible Jobs and Auditions,… to land that casting!


I have another 2 SLOTS available,

at the Tail end of a Studio Photoshoot on 

 Tuesday 17/06/2014

If you are #musician, get in touch to get a picture for your next EP or online Profile.

#Extras and #Actors that would like to drive their career forward,

get in touch to get your

#headshot #promotional #Portrait




#blues #rock #musician

#blues #rock #musician

This month saw me already busy shooting more than half a dozen Clients… current favorite is this Portraiture

of young #talent #musician #bass

Creating a Portraiture to give a feel of #blues rock’n’roll


first week in June .

Character Portraits

Kevin M. April 28/04/2014

Kevin M. April 28/04/2014

This weeks Character Portrait Session reminded me,why I chose this to be my Vocation; helping people to express: their natural Self and Potential.

Capturing in an image, all that is to say about a person, telling a story. I am really keen to produce more work in this field and offer to all those creatives, that need support to advance their careers;

Promotional Portraits , a Character Portrait – tailor-made to it’s Purpose.

The film industry (especially the independent type) depending on the Agency you are with; … might want to see a slightly different Portraits, in order to have images, the onlooker can get to know about the real person.

The casting and production Team might want to see if someone would suit a role naturally and what it could be like to work with this person. Rather than just a commercial plain Headshot.

So, to all those actors, extras. aspiring models, performers, artists … etc ,get in touch and make use of my:


Introduction Offer


 £ 50 for a 90 min session

and 6-12 images.




If there isn’t a story to tell than there is an emotion to express. In my studio work I am also keen to capture not just the physical shape and form but a certain mood, character , emotion , sentiment , expression to capture and make the onlooker halt , look absorb … communicate.

More images for this set:

Are you an actor, Model , performer, extra , background artist, musician … ?

Let me help you to communicate your potential and get in touch for your free Consultation.