Daniela Fleckenstein

Daniela graduated from University of Westminster with an Upper Second Degree in Photography in 2006 and has ever since strengthened her skill set to offer a rounded service in the creative industry.

Although her preferred medium has been Photography for the last 15 years, Daniela also shows a track record in Painting and a long list of Exhibitions showing her Art in London and abroad.

This has informed her way of seeing and her sense of creating images with impact, always with a hint of her passion for Paintings communicating a story and content a little beyond the surface of the images itself.

Teamed with her experience as Development Worker, Duty & Operational Management and  a career in Life Coaching, Daniela is now dedicating her time to return to her Passion of photographing people. Her interpersonal skills teamed with a wealth of experience makes her the Photographer to deliver the Photos you need, tailor-made to your requirements, needs and budget, wishing to produce and create.

Now with her own studio space in the Mansion Daniela not only offers a well rounded and professional service but also shares her skills and insights in skill based workshops.



This is what others say about her Photography:

” … you are the swiss army knife of Photography.” R.B. South London

” Daniela is a determined driven and visioned photographer that will make sure all the opponents and considerations needed to make a shoot it’s best are present. Daniela’s ideas are creative and well thought out in theme and setting.” Ann-Marie Trzebinski , Stylist

”I have worked with Daniela on many creative photographic and video projects. Daniela’s exceptional creative abilities, management capabilities have drive for excellence. Her work is excellent! It’s a pleasure working with her.”  PatDeSouza

”The Pictures you produce, capture the Essence of a person, their energy, personality – who they really are. A photo that is you.” Jenni Hallam

”…This lady brought out my creativity and confidence and all in the name of art – yoga art.” Lee A. C.

”… I can see she is quite the” tour de force” and is determined to make things work. From what I have experienced Daniela is sure to succeed, she has a personable nature, friendly and helpful, but is also a strategist, having a pragmatic approach to problem solving, and is very straightforward and logical.” NickEvans


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