self portrait one 3

Strange time that we are in – it became all to clear that intrapersonal skills – knowing yourself – is probably the most useful thing to possess in this and any crisis.

With an expansion of my photography and steps into the art-department for TV & Film, I feel an importance of photography and its change in aesthetics emerging – adjusting perception to the new world we live in- is imminent.  We are all so much more on screens – just now !?!?

Change is all around us – as there were changes to my arts practice – working from home.

With time on hand I created this Blog to allow a sneak behind the scenes for filmmaking and other developments in my freelance ambitions. Which inspired me to explore some new aesthetics and ways of storytelling in my Still Photography, too.  (without people !?!LOL)

What better place to start then with(in) yourself – with an open mind (ego aside -we are all in this together) and explore what is to come next.

Stay tuned …

2 thoughts on “self-portrait

  1. I really like this self-portrait, I feel it is creative because it references you without showing yourself in the conventional self-portrait style. I also see it as a kind of soul searching as you have the empty jigsaw pieces, which seems topical in these times of crisis. Even if I feel I know myself, there is still space for me to soul search..

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