‘Otherness’ …

Well its gotta be said: …this is my fight, too.

Especially as an artist I appreciate and embrace ‘otherness’ as a wonder of life.  And I feel speechless that in 2020 people still discriminate, misunderstand, judge – and see themselves as superior to others.
Time to really bring the message home: we are all together in this!

Love the skin your in, no matter what colour.

And this should be respected and supported by all of us.

DO YOU and let others be who they are, with encouragement and support.

No-one should feel ashamed or fear what colour this comes in.
As colour and difference makes this life interesting and worth living.

I had the pleasure of meeting and experience the variety of people and walks of life, in my worklife and beyond.  And glad to see that times have changed in some ways: and many embrace this with curiosity.

Still-  there is still a long way to go, as some are still behind with their understanding and attitude.

#blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter #weallbleedthesame

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