Saturday the 18th of November 2017 2-4PM at the Mansion, #studiomansionhouse 

You will learn to use your camera manually … putting the creative control back into your hands.
With the understanding of where it all began, drawing parallels to old school Photography and drawing with light; and with an eye on the complete process – beginning to end.
These Workshops are held in 3 Sessions, with time in between to absorb what has been learned.

Each Session is an hour talk and an hour walk/practice …using what has been learned.

We will meet in my little studio, and spaces are very limited. Fill in the contact from below or EMAIL: for your booking or/and any further question or queries you may have.
Each session is £20 pound and all 3 for £40


This session is dedicated to post production. Putting your work into context and finding method in editing, printing and how and when we share your images.
The group will be encouraged to print and possibly show selection of their work in the Mansion House.



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