Sunday 12th November 2017, 2-4pm at the Mansion #studiomansionhouse

You will learn to use your camera manually … putting the creative control back into your hands.
With the understanding of where it all began, drawing parallels to old school Photography and drawing with light; and with an eye on the complete process – beginning to end.
These Workshops are held in 3 Sessions, with time in between to absorb what has been learned.

Each Session is an hour talk and an hour walk/practice …using what has been learned.

We will meet in my little studio, and spaces are very limited. Fill in the contact from below or EMAIL: for your booking or/and any further question or queries you may have.
Each session is £20 pound and all 3 for £40


Looking at what makes a good photograph by developing creative and conscious use of design elements, such as texture, rule of thirds, leading lines etc. – and most of all the reading on meaning.

A littel recap on technique; on using your camera manually, balancing exposure with shutterspeed, aperture and ISO.

The group will go on a further walk (with bad weather we stay in the Studio) to improve your camera skills…


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