TTV photography workshop SESSION 2

This camera skill program of mine TTV (ThroughTheViewfinder) saw its progression with a nice small group into the second session. Each session is made of an hour talk (in my studio space on the second floor in the mansion) and an hour walk, to put into practice what was talked about.

This session was all about: ‘What we see…’ , exploring design elements in Photography whilst reinforcing the manual camera control, explored in the first session.


Well and right here we see a picture of me with one of the participants, captured by yet another … It excites me to see how my methods and parallels help these photography enthusiasts to get to grips with the manual settings, taking back control over the machinery and understanding photography as it is intended…drawing with light and not acting as a machine operator.

Opening up a window into their world , sharing with greater understanding and skill, preserving the methods in photography as they always have been, before the digital era took over. I can’t wait to conclude with these guys in the 3rd session next month (‘After the click…’) Hopefully showing their work in the Mansion in an exhibition; to remain truthful to the whole process from conception to creation and print…

Stay tuned. New dates for another round of workshops are in the diary…

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