Old school is the new cool … !?!?

I can’t criticize the modern digital medium for it’s accessibility and fast turn around but with recent workshops, students volunteers and endless conversations; fueling and sparking my passion for the very medium of photography, it becomes clearer and clearer to me that not all new is better than the old – or even more to the point: the new is better understood with keeping the old in mind.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 10.40.00

All to often does it come up that the digital world and facebook fakery – dilutes the very essence of what Photography once ment – at least to me and other fellow Photographers that have executed the mechanical click and the chemical process that followed.

Oh and all the in-between!?!? … Well we do see pictures everyday, all of us are ‘photographers’ with a camera with in reach- at any given point in time. So I do wonder what – or how can I pinpoint the essence that I see being swept away with a stream of digital files, images and hungry social media feeds!? Whatever happened to the Photograph !?

So I took this exemplar of an SLR – as pictured- (got a few to choose from) and loaded it with a film, quite a few months ago. Well there it all starts : all the consideration, decisions and commitments: executed just by that fact of choosing the ISO, brand and length of the roll of film -gets the very thing going that is crucial in Photography. Choosing , decision and commitment to what will last there after: the CLICK.

Going through this very process memories come only to remind of time passing … hah another crucial notion in Photography… Step one is taken and not all is instant in its revelation and developing meaning: so please stay tuned for some more writing, notion and thoughts shared on this very topic #photography

…and some aspects that seem to be a thing of the past ,worthy of a resurgence … in at least thought & consideration.



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