Mingle at the Mansion


I am really pleased to make a good idea happening – with all the right support, that I find myself surrounded by; namely and first and formost the Mansion: home to my studio and office and the artist community and wider community that comes with it.

Blessed with sunshine and extraordinary grounds laid at the bosom of mother nature, things grow and develop. Sometimes in unexpected direction following a natural flow.

However, happy to share this experience  & setting with Actors and Models, I am opening my studio doors to a select crowd , making use of the situation and vibe whilst getting their necessary head shots done, hopefully glowing from the inside out.

Have a peek through this online window (facebook event page) with hopefully update PICTURES on the day.




Stay tuned and see what comes to be of this powerhouse of a creative hub.

Or to join us at one of the future events.

Have a look on Facebook:

GROUP Studio Mansion House

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