FESTIVAL … come and see us…


Loads happened and it is hard to keep up with online and on screen updates, when there is the outdoors and summer to be had.

All the same I am forever refining purpose and goal of my ideas, talents, skills  and applications and felt strongly influenced by my buddying artist and remote colleagues to really get back to my roots and to actually see some work of mine in Print …and yeah it doesn’t stop there. More to Photography than just a picture.

And to share these quality prints on paper

(yeah paper not on screen pictures !?- feeling it !?(; )

 printed by JUSTGICLEE

Who have taken me under their wing, well tent and we are to show some prints and artwork at the Crystal Palace Art Fair,(next to the Comedy & spoken word stage)

the very birthplace of Photography …where the Camera and Photography was given to the world at the GREAT EXHIBITION in 1851. How amazing right !?

However these limited very fine Prints are for sale I will sign and dedicate them to you.

(a choice of 5 Alice in Wonderland motives) hoping to see you in the great outdoors on what will be a sunny day!

Mad hatter


So what is there to stay in for come and see us in the Park and take your own art piece back home… sure enough an experience richer.

Love & Light


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