#character #portraiture … imagined, posed, or lived !?



In an forever quest to learn and understand the authenticity that photography can offer and what makes a Photograph a good one I have embarked on a more quirky series of portfolio shoot … stay tuned.

But at the heart of this endeavor, is indeed to find a way of putting across all that there is about the person,

encouraging people to settle into the roles and character as unusual as it is or may be…

quite often the experience seems to be more exciting then the photo unfortunately…

So I will continue to wonder, experiment and develop … is an authentic photograph possible to construct (thinking that that is the case) does the model, actor put on something – that they are not  – and still convince the onlooker

… is that authenticity …

or is it just the moment that truly unfolds itself in front of the lens that makes it authentic … well we all know about the decisive moment…

However , please share your opinions:

a good pose and situation POSED ; LIVED …or JUST IMAGINED !?


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