OFFER : I let you chose how much you want to pay… if anything!?

promo headshot


NEXT PROMOTIONAL EVENT , on Tuesday the 22nd of July is pretty much booked up… BUT

as the studio is set up with a huge octagon soft box,

and two further flash heads, upon request we will have some color gels, to throw some colors around – in front of the white background…

I would like to invite any of you:

to pop by between 12:30 and 13:45 …pop in front of my set up and lens…

just CONTACT ME and (maybe even tell me a quirky attribute about you , you would like to capture!?!)

I will make the images accessible to you in an online gallery and you can choose;

if and what you would like to pay for your new Profile Pic, Character Portraiture, Headshot .. let’s see what we can produce!?

HIHI excited…come on … this is the studio and me at my last event:

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