Character Portraits

Kevin M. April 28/04/2014

Kevin M. April 28/04/2014

This weeks Character Portrait Session reminded me,why I chose this to be my Vocation; helping people to express: their natural Self and Potential.

Capturing in an image, all that is to say about a person, telling a story. I am really keen to produce more work in this field and offer to all those creatives, that need support to advance their careers;

Promotional Portraits , a Character Portrait – tailor-made to it’s Purpose.

The film industry (especially the independent type) depending on the Agency you are with; … might want to see a slightly different Portraits, in order to have images, the onlooker can get to know about the real person.

The casting and production Team might want to see if someone would suit a role naturally and what it could be like to work with this person. Rather than just a commercial plain Headshot.

So, to all those actors, extras. aspiring models, performers, artists … etc ,get in touch and make use of my:


Introduction Offer


 £ 50 for a 90 min session

and 6-12 images.


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