Come through the doors of opportunities and join us at the Mansion for another round of skill based Photography workshops (TTV= Through The Viewfinder).

We meet by the fireplace in the Hall next to my Blackboard, for 6pm: before we go to my Studio Space on the 2nd Floor. Spending an hour talking before we spend the second hour walking…and practice what we discussed.


You will learn how to use your camera manually … putting the creative control back into your hands.

With the understanding of where it all began, drawing parallels to old school Photography and drawing with light; and with an eye on the complete process – beginning to end: These Workshops are held in 3 Sessions, with time in between to absorb what has been learned.


Remembering why we take Photographs and how, we will be touching on technical basics of aperture, shutter speed and ISO, before we go on a guided walk to put the talked about into practice. With a little historical overview I hope to establish your context for your Photography.

The 2 hour session will only set you back £20 with knowledge that will never leave you.

Please email me on

to indicate your interest or to book yourself in – as spaces are limited.

If you haven’t been to the Mansion – yet, here is where you find us if not for a workshop, it’s well worth a visit to enjoy the views and atmosphere.

Looking forward to hearing from you.




Old school is the new cool … !?!?

I can’t criticize the modern digital medium for it’s accessibility and fast turn around but with recent workshops, students volunteers and endless conversations; fueling and sparking my passion for the very medium of photography, it becomes clearer and clearer to me that not all new is better than the old – or even more to the point: the new is better understood with keeping the old in mind.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 10.40.00

All to often does it come up that the digital world and facebook fakery – dilutes the very essence of what Photography once ment – at least to me and other fellow Photographers that have executed the mechanical click and the chemical process that followed.

Oh and all the in-between!?!? … Well we do see pictures everyday, all of us are ‘photographers’ with a camera with in reach- at any given point in time. So I do wonder what – or how can I pinpoint the essence that I see being swept away with a stream of digital files, images and hungry social media feeds!? Whatever happened to the Photograph !?

So I took this exemplar of an SLR – as pictured- (got a few to choose from) and loaded it with a film, quite a few months ago. Well there it all starts : all the consideration, decisions and commitments: executed just by that fact of choosing the ISO, brand and length of the roll of film -gets the very thing going that is crucial in Photography. Choosing , decision and commitment to what will last there after: the CLICK.

Going through this very process memories come only to remind of time passing … hah another crucial notion in Photography… Step one is taken and not all is instant in its revelation and developing meaning: so please stay tuned for some more writing, notion and thoughts shared on this very topic #photography

…and some aspects that seem to be a thing of the past ,worthy of a resurgence … in at least thought & consideration.



WHITE ON WHITE in the Mansion

Selection 1

I may have been quiet on the Blogging front, lately – but only because I am refining my Photography and Offers, forging a career in the creative Industry.

And most of all settling into the artist community at The Mansion in Beckenham Place Park. Spending time off-line with many more face to face conversations and workshops.

However …here just a little sample of recent work coming out of the Mansion


and my new favoritism for white on white.


Please see my new website

and stay tuned for a little more insight into my world of freelance adventures.

Mingle at the Mansion


I am really pleased to make a good idea happening – with all the right support, that I find myself surrounded by; namely and first and formost the Mansion: home to my studio and office and the artist community and wider community that comes with it.

Blessed with sunshine and extraordinary grounds laid at the bosom of mother nature, things grow and develop. Sometimes in unexpected direction following a natural flow.

However, happy to share this experience  & setting with Actors and Models, I am opening my studio doors to a select crowd , making use of the situation and vibe whilst getting their necessary head shots done, hopefully glowing from the inside out.

Have a peek through this online window (facebook event page) with hopefully update PICTURES on the day.




Stay tuned and see what comes to be of this powerhouse of a creative hub.

Or to join us at one of the future events.

Have a look on Facebook:

GROUP Studio Mansion House

FESTIVAL … come and see us…


Loads happened and it is hard to keep up with online and on screen updates, when there is the outdoors and summer to be had.

All the same I am forever refining purpose and goal of my ideas, talents, skills  and applications and felt strongly influenced by my buddying artist and remote colleagues to really get back to my roots and to actually see some work of mine in Print …and yeah it doesn’t stop there. More to Photography than just a picture.

And to share these quality prints on paper

(yeah paper not on screen pictures !?- feeling it !?(; )

 printed by JUSTGICLEE

Who have taken me under their wing, well tent and we are to show some prints and artwork at the Crystal Palace Art Fair,(next to the Comedy & spoken word stage)

the very birthplace of Photography …where the Camera and Photography was given to the world at the GREAT EXHIBITION in 1851. How amazing right !?

However these limited very fine Prints are for sale I will sign and dedicate them to you.

(a choice of 5 Alice in Wonderland motives) hoping to see you in the great outdoors on what will be a sunny day!

Mad hatter


So what is there to stay in for come and see us in the Park and take your own art piece back home… sure enough an experience richer.

Love & Light



Selection 11

Well this month, after our Opening Celebrations has been a bit of a whirlwind, watching the  summer arrive and time slipping by …laced with many interesting conversations and quite a few *clicks* picturing those that came to see me at my new studio set up.

SLP may 2017

The Opening Celebration of this new Community hub, nestled in acres and acres of stunning grounds- in the Grade two listed building; attracted 2200 people.  (and someone took a picture of the photographer and got it into the papers too!??!)

Well things have calmed down a lot since.


But my doors to my studio space are still open an it is great to see so many people enjoying the space. All the balloons have gone and business is back to ‘normal’.

But a crazy OFFER is yet to come:

Should you wish to come and visit me and have a fresh picture taking of yourself ,

your dog, your family for personal or professional use – I am here … open for business.


Besides the fresh all white look in the studio we have also plenty of options in the splendid gardens and woods.

I gladly offer you a booking (around 90 min) including 4 RETOUCHED IMAGES


… so I can share this great space and set up with you.


…but I will get back to my usual Rates there after.


and get in touch


Countdown is on for next weekends Celebrations… come and see us in this stunning Location , you’ll find me and my little studio space on the second floor.

Please see here what I am looking to Offer on the day in my space, but do not dismiss all else that is happening in and around THE MANSION

From Farmers Market, Vintage Market , Yoga and more…

For more details to what I am offering please see here:


see you there.

Love & Light